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Jesus is Praise Worthy

christians unite
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•About the Community
We are welcome to all people and all sorts of disscussions. We all are open to questions. And people who have questions even if you are not a Christian and you are curious. You can also discuss your own personal views. I know we all have alot so I want to hear them. Whatever kind of religion you are, Catholic, Babtist, Methodist, ect. I love to see new people around here. Feel free to IM one of the people you meet unless they state otherwise, which probabbly isn't common, we will list some of the screen names or livejournal names you can come to and talk to if you need help or prayers. I hope you feel comfortable here and continue to post. Because there are those people who are shy and don't like to announce everything then you can simply talk to one of the maintainers or mods, and we can post for an unspoken prayer request, if that helps any.